5 Ways to Protect and Care for Your Inflatable SUP

With a little care, your inflatable SUP board can last a long life. Even though all of the boards we offer at Temescal Valley Paddle come with a warranty, it's important to follow a few important steps in caring for your board to keep it in the best shape. 

Limit exposure to direct sunlight when not in use

Extended exposure to direct sunlight & UV rays when not in use can result in fading and damage your inflatable paddleboard. Store your board in a shaded and well ventilated area to extend it's life. 

Place the board with the EVA Traction Pad facing down

The deck pad is designed to provide traction, however, this material also insulates heat and can increase the internal temperature of your board. Placing the board with the traction pad facing down will reduce your board's internal temperature and help retain your board's color and vibrancy. Fins up, friends! (When not on the water, of course)

Store in moderate temperatures when not in use

Extended exposure to temperatures below 0 and above 135 degrees Fahrenheit can compromise the seal along the seams of all inflatable paddleboards. Storing in areas without ventilation can result in extreme temperatures.

With an iSUP, this step is easy! Each iSUP comes with a zip bag for easy transportation that can easily double as storage! Wrap up that board and store it in the back of your closet. A garage or storage compartment can also work, but keep those extreme temperatures in mind before considering those options.

Rinse with fresh water after use

Rinse the board with fresh water to remove salt and sand deposits after use.

Wear a Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

In areas designated outside of swimming, surfing, or bathing it is required by law that riders wear a United States Coast Guard approved flotation device. 

Shop PFDs here: https://temescalvalleypaddle.com/collections/accessories


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