Heel-To-Toe, Side-To-Side: SUP Dry-Land Practice

How do I keep my balance in SUP?

It's a question so many new paddlers ask. Some in-the-moment tips include keeping your:

  • Toes pointed forward
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Back straight
  • Head and shoulders steady and upright
  • Gaze level with the horizon

And shifting your weight by moving your hips and avoid staring at your feet.

Here is a great video we love from Blue Planet Surf on keeping balanced during SUP: 

How do I practice balance while away from the water?

If you're looking for a way to improve your flow and prepare you for moments out on the water that require your entire body to be working in unison, we recommend using a balance board. 

Our favorite is the Revolution Swell 2.0. The balance and coordination skills learned by using the Swell translate to real improvements out on the water. 

It allows you to start slow and work your way up to balance and board mastery. Check out the Magswitch feature - our favorite thing about the Swell. 

The roller stops on the base of the Swell are easy to adjust to any position in seconds. Held in place by a super strong magnet system, beginners can start slow by setting a shorter rolling distance, and work their way up to more difficulty.

Seasoned riders can step up the challenge even more by removing the stops, no tools required.

The Magswitch stop system makes changing from left-to-right balancing to the more difficult heel-to-toe direction quick and easy. This translates to more improvement for your skills out on the water!

The comfortable grip surface on the Swell gives you the perfect feel, grip, and cushioning. Great for using with bare feet but more than tough enough to use with your shoes, if needed. No scratching you or any of your stuff like regular griptape you see on other boards.

Check out our balance board offerings here: https://temescalvalleypaddle.com/collections/balance-boards

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